The Tao of Nobody
by Donna P.

Reduce everything, reduce thinking, reduce effort and struggle, reduce possessions, reduce debt, reduce shelter, reduce eating, reduce consuming, reduce participation in unnecessary concerns of daily life, reduce the seriousness and importance we give to this self… drop something every single day, become smaller, become nothing, no-self. Reduce the somebody as compassionately and non-violently as possible. Allow the somebody to grieve the impermanence and unsatisfactoriness of life, to let its heart break that it cannot seem to find the peace, security and happiness it seeks, that it has no solutions for anything in this life and the suffering that it sees all around itself. Allow it to grieve that it cannot escape.

But, at the same time, realize that we are also the divine no-body, the no-self beyond the self, the True Identity, the Mind that is permanent, eternal and satisfying. This no-body  is vast and boundless; it is what we call "the peace of God." Finding the balance between these two states of being requires that we honor both as legitimate realities, walking the middle path. To polarize to either the somebody or the no-body exclusively is to experience a lack of peace. These two are manifestations of the same Being and cannot be separated. They are inextricably bound together as One in the heart of the spirit that moves in all things.

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