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Something is calling me

Calling so urgently

Oh how it is tempting me

And in my blood I feel

The rush, rush, of wings in flight

Out of a lifeless night

Soaring in a world full of truth

And full of Light

Loose me of bonds I cry

Or hungering I shall die

Here in the dark to lie

Never to know

What ecstasies passed me by

There is no sleeping.

Into my dreams its seeping

Tantalizing, pulsing, leaping


And as the Day draws near

The haunting call grows clear

Morning has come, and Peace is Here

(sung slowly, in the key of A minor)

by Deatra Brittell Copyright 1970

DRUGS AS A WAY TO GNOSIS    by Gerald A Brittell

AYING NUMBERS 1, 2, and 3    by Gerald A. Brittell

FAITH AND THE EGO      by Gerald A. Brittell

IMPOSSIBILITIES         by Gerald A. Brittell

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