Feel free to POST your experience of the truths of the sayings of the fifth gospel, the Gospel of Thomas,  acknowledged by Scholars to be as authentic, or more so, to the original words of Jesus than the other canonical New Testament Gospels.

Saying 1

These are the hidden words which Jesus who lives spoke, and Didymos Judas Thomas wrote down, and he said this: Whoever falls upon the meaning of these words will taste not of Death.
Jerry B
July 11, 2000

This saying, to me, conveys that much more than an intellectual understanding is undergone when one  'falls upon' that which the words refer to.  It is an experience powerful enough to bring about such changes in one's being, that bodily death or is not "taken" or "tasted" when it occurs.

To me, this does not say what we know as 'death' will no longer occur after this "born again" event. Jesus himself 'died', that is, his etheric 'life-body' separated from his physical body, as it does when we die. But it didn't take. The Spirit of Jesus was very much alive both before and after his bodily death.

That one happens to "fall onto the meaning" speaks to the unexpected, unearned grace-like nature of the re-birth into the Kingdom, while in the body, in the earth, which initiates and enlivens great transformations, awakening one consciously to the World of Spirit (Pneuma) and it's rousing (resurrecting) power within/without one's own Being.

This New Consciousness and Life is a realm imperishable, and stands above, below, and through all other experience, including 'death'. The 'lower' perishable aspects of our being, the physical and the 'life body' the etheric body, shared by both plants and animals, are not permanent, except as they are transformed into new spiritual 'organs' by the Spirit. When we ourselves have paid the price to purchase this Pearl we have stumbled upon, we too will continue to live on ... fully conscious, move about, and even appear 'physically' at will in the Earth and 'elsewhere' in our New bodies, with New mind, hands, feet, eyes image, etc. as the entity that was Jesus does today. This is not to be seen as something to happen after death; it is to happen Now, while in the 'flesh'. Then if death occurs, nothing living is lost, and death isn't even tasted, or does not 'take".. Jerry B


Jesus said, "When you strip without being ashamed,
and you take your clothes and put them under your feet
like little children and trample them,
then [you] will see the son of the living one and you will
not be afraid."
Jerry B
July 11, 2000

My take on this is about as literal and simple as one can get ... but
Profound! (g)  When one happens upon the Kingdom and it's new state of
consciousness', one experiences a unique and powerful sense of innocence,
and acceptance of oneself just as one is. Here I am, take me as I am, with
no sense of shame or guilt.  One's consciousness becomes childlike (not
childish). It might happen that for the first time since childhood, one is
actually able to strip naked and absolutely feel no embarrassment or even
self-consciousness. i.e. Saint Francis stripped at his rebirth, and walked
through town naked.

Such an idea raises all sorts of eyebrows, particularly among christians who
might point out that Adam and Eve wore fig leaves after the Fall. Well, this
rebirth introduces one to the New Eden, where buck n'eked is again a natural
way to be, whether you are covered or not matters not one whit, a man-made
convention among many that no longer govern one's mind and behavior.
'Course, one can expect consequences. (g)

While taking off one's clothes, trampling or even dancing on them, who is it
one sees? Oneself. One will see one's very own essential self as the son of
the living one, and fear will be no more.  Jerry B 



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