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1984 boston celtics

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The average time a student spends learning in a classroom is only 60% of the allocated class time. Extending the school day to give students more time for learning has been shown to be only marginally effective. A more effective way to maximize time for learning is through engaged time on task. When students are interested and care about a topic and it is relevant, they are curious and engaged. This provides a much better learning experience.In the classroom, teachers can engage students. But when it comes to homework, educators have to rely on other ways to motivate students. One way is through games. Educational games can be designed to improve motivation and engagement, providing students with more engaged time on task.

1984 boston celtics

5. Games make complex knowledge funEducational theories state that students cannot be given knowledge; they construct knowledge in their own minds. Learners build on previously learned concepts to construct higher-level and more complex knowledge to make it their own.The periodic table of elements is challenging to learn and remember for many students. However, learning a complex three-dimensional matrix with 27,624 values is easily accomplished by middle school students playing the popular video game Pokemon.

1984 boston celtics

The essence of the game is figuring out how to combine the 17 different types of attack when battling other Pokemon. Each Pokémon has one or two types of attacks they can use.Players do not learn the different possible combinations by studying a large table with 27,624 entries, but by playing the game. Through playing the game, students gradually construct deeper knowledge of the game and develop core skills, such as literacy, how to compete with grace and sportsmanship, and abstract thinking.

1984 boston celtics

Pokemon was not developed as an educational game, but its design principles - and those of other popular video games - could easily be used to design video games for classrooms that enhance their educational experience. (The Conversation)

NSA“Our Director, Nan Gibbons, as well as our board of directors, never considered the possibility of stopping during the pandemic,” says Karen Rothman, president, and founder. “Singing brings people so much joy that we knew we had to stay together somehow.

In February of 2020, Shir Joy presented what would be its last live, in-person concert for the foreseeable future due to the Covid-19 pandemic.?The chorus’ Spring concert was cancelled, but Shir Joy director Nan Gibbons used archival recordings from old concerts as well as recordings of other musical groups to create virtual “sing-along” rehearsals at home via Zoom. The chorus was determined to do at least one concert in 2021.?

As the winter of 2020 became spring with no end to the pandemic in sight, Gibbons brainstormed with other choral directors around the country looking for innovative ways to produce a group sound when singers couldn’t be in the same room. Four chorus members made voice recordings in four distinct choral parts. Members learned their parts at home, taught each other to make their own individual video recordings and then sent them to Gibbons.? Using sometimes-cooperative software, Nan spent countless hours editing, blending, and mixing to create virtual choir pieces.?“Making your own solo recording with all its imperfections and then sending it out on the internet for others to hear took a lot of guts,” said Rothman.?

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